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Local representatives of the IT Security market collaborated in 2004 to create a forum to represent the interest of all the market players independently. The original goal has been far exceeded by ITBN: the event is the home for innovations and announcements of fresh products. ITBN presents the actual opinion of government officials and legal, financial, professional spheres of the IT Security profession. Everybody is here: high-level IT Security specialists, auditors, CISOs, vendors, decision makers, consultants, distributors, CFOs and CEOs, and IT procurement managers.

2000 attendees

2 days

80 brands

ITBN is looking for new partners in Central and Eastern Europe who are ready to take part in organizing regional ITBN events.

In the last 15 years ITBN was the main forum and meeting place of cyber security professionals and organizations who could meet and exchange ideas, study and discover innovative technics, be in dialogue with the representatives of the governmental, academic, financial and business sector as well. The organizers of ITBN always put an emphasis on presenting highly valuable lectures, introducing new trends and facilitate personal contacts among exhibiting organizations, lecturers and attendees.

ITBN as a non-profit event provides free entrance for all those who are interested to participate. In 2018 ITBN CONF-EXPO had more than 2000 attendees and 80 exhibited brands in 2 days.

Some of the Speakers of ITBN:

Everyone Is Present

During ITBN we put competition aside and bring into the spotlight everything that connects us: the profession, IT security, our social responsibility and friendly relations. We exchange experiences and shape the future together.

Science and Technology

ITBN pays special attention to humanities and social sciences. Mainly because our associates and partners are not only defined as the most perilous human factors, but they also feature as the precious reason, goal and purpose of our inventions.


Thanks to our sponsors, now for the 15th year we are able to offer free participation in all programs during both days of ITBN to members of the professional community.

Since its start in 2005 ITBN has been collecting data relevant to the Hungarian IT Security market. We are making polls, collecting data at the registration and talk to vendors and the experts of their representatives to get a better picture.

We are looking for co-organizers in Central and Eastern Europe

If  You would like to be part of our team to organize regional ITBN events in any of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Do not hesitate to contact ITBN’s founder!